Snail Mail

I love to find a letter in my mailbox! It lets me know someone was thinking of me and took the time to tell me. Not many people write real letters anymore, that makes it extra special.

This one is from my daughter. It is decorated with stickers and fat with the latest edits for the articles we write together, all kinds of pictures & articles cut from magazines and an actual hand written letter full of jokes, stories, quotes & thoughts. There is nothing like a real letter to warm your heart and brighten your day. Share the love. Send a letter via snail mail.

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  • Bethany @ Happily Loco

    on July 15, 2018  7:42 pm

    I love snail mail! I am planning on sending all my friends post cards next time I go on vacation.

    • Janet Abel

      on July 16, 2018  2:15 pm

      Thank you for your positive comment. What a great idea! Postcards are so fun I usually get an extra one to save for myself :)