A Year in the Life of a Grandmother


If you look at my calendar you will see that all I do is babysit and get my haircut.
A closer look would reveal a annual physical and eye exam, twice yearly dermatology and dental visits, a once a month dream group, a weekly yoga class, and play dates with friends.

Adventure, excitement, a grandma craves not these things.

A grandma craves hugs, messy art projects, kid’s books and story time snuggles, Disney movies cozy on the couch with popcorn and ice cream, corny jokes and laughter, singing along to music in the car … all simply listed as babysitting.

Other than babysitting, it’s the little daily things that don’t get written down that do the most to nourish a soul, and build a life. Early morning snuggles with my husband and dog, yoga with a view of the lake, walks in the woods with the morning sunlight on my face, the warm cup of tea made with fresh squeezed lemon & freshly grated ginger when we get back home …

The things that happen between the ‘events’ on the calendar are the practices of daily care that sustain my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well being.

Becoming a sage, and being sage (rhymes with Taj as in Taj Mahal) as the French use the word to mean being wise and calm – take time.

I devote myself to grandmothering because I know it ends all too soon. When that little voice says, “Grandma can I tell you something?” I want my answer to be yes as long as possible.