Where to Find Me


All classes are now via Zoom. Contact me for date and time details.

Sweet Dreams Yoga
Reclaim the night as the nourishing peaceful pause that nature intended it to be.
This gentle class combines Restorative Postures, Yoga Nidra, tips and techniques for a good night’s sleep, and an introduction to Dream Work.

Playful Spirit Journal Making
What do you call a book that is SO fun to make?
A book that calls up our muse & our playful spirit?
A book that helps us let go of the perfectionist in us so we can relax and play?
Play is the backdoor to wisdom, we all need more of it!
Our spirit whispers to us, but tension blocks our attention.
Laughter, fun, and play help us to let down our guard to be open and receptive.
We all have journals we never touch but THIS one, that we will make with all of our senses,
we will want to return to again and again for prayers, journaling, art and/or dream journaling, …
anything our heart desires!

Dream Groups
Joining a dream circle is one of the best ways to expand the exploration of your nightly dreams. Meeting once or twice a month with the supportive company of like minded friends is a treasure. I highly recommend it because it’s one of my favorite things! Start writing down your dreams, we’d love to have you join our circle.