All classes are now via Zoom.

Yoga Wellness Classes
Thursdays at 1 pm EST. Classes are $10 – pay per month or per class via Stripe.
Enjoy the convenience of yoga in your own home and savor the time you save by not driving anywhere. The classes can be recorded so no worries about missing one. We will have one hour and fifteen minutes to move, breathe, and relax together. Each session will include poses with options for different body types, a wellness topic, inspiring quotes, and guided relaxation. Let me know if there is something specific you would like to work on, I am open to suggestions. I have removed my contact form but those interested in my classes can still contact me at for more information. Scholarships are available for those needing assistance.

Sweet Dreams Yoga
Reclaim the night as the nourishing peaceful pause that nature intended it to be. This gentle class combines restorative movements and postures, the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra, and tips and techniques for a good night’s sleep. These will be presented as a bedtime story for dreamers.

Playful Spirit Journal Making
This is what I call a book that is SO fun to make it invites our spirit to come out and play. Play is the backdoor to wisdom as it helps us to let down our guard, relax, and be receptive. This journal encourages us to let go of figuring everything out and play with the images and words that come to us through dreams and daily life.

Dream Groups
Joining a dream circle is one of the best ways to expand the exploration of your nightly dreams. Meeting once or twice a month with the supportive company of like minded friends is a treasure. I highly recommend it because it’s one of my favorite things! Start writing down your dreams, we’d love to have you join our circle.

Dream Companion
Individual dream work. I won’t tell you what your dreams mean but can be your guide in personal exploration.

I offer these classes because life these days can leave us feeling disconnected, anxious, stressed, and confused.  Connecting to our heart center gives us sanctuary, a still point in a turning world. We can fill this sanctuary with peace, calm, and clarity by taking some time to balance our outer life with self care practices that nourish our inner life. 

We live in a culture that tends to focus on the solar qualities (Yang) All day long we analyze, interpret, identify, work on, figure out, understand, observe, tell or write, and summarize.

These Self Care Practices are designed to help us to recall our lunar qualities (Yin)
So we can nourish, explore, imagine, play with, sustain the mystery, appreciate, participate, paint/collage/move, and expand.

When our self care practice is adjustable and adaptable it is sustainable – it changes as we do.   We each get to decide what feels right for us today – yoga, dream explorations, creativity …  When we follow the wisdom within we are being our true selves.

We live a mindful life by attending to our body, mind, and spirit. A mindful individual helps the world to be mindful. However we connect, I hope that our time together will be a blessing to both of us.