About Janet



The fast pace of modern life can leave us feeling disconnected, anxious, stressed, and confused.  Our heart center can be our sanctuary, our still point in a turning world. We can slow down and fill this reservoir of peace, calm, and clarity within ourselves with nourishing self care practices. 

Our breath is a bridge between our mind and body. Our dreams are also a bridge. Every night (even if we don’t remember) we travel from our logical, linear, literal mind to our mythological, intuitive, and creative heart. That’s why dreams seem to make no sense until we learn to speak the language of metaphor and symbolism.

This is also the language of the One Mind (or the collective unconscious) that speaks through stories, myths, and fairy tales. These have helped we humans feel connection to ourselves, each other, and the world around us since the beginning. It is the language of artists and poets – we can practice these arts too!

When our self care practice is adjustable and adaptable it is sustainable – it changes as we do.   You decide what feels right for you – yoga, dream journaling, time in nature, painting, dancing, singing …  Remember, it is your life led by your spirit and there is no way to get it wrong. Relax and enjoy. That is the ultimate spirit led life – one of joy.

Tending to our body, mind, and spirit in a way that brings us joy is being mindful. A mindful individual helps the world to be the same. I want to spread the word to as many people as possible. However we connect, I hope that our time together will be a blessing to both of us.