About Janet



I began teaching yoga in 2001. That translates as over 5,000 hours of experience teaching in elementary school gymnasiums, office conference rooms, art centers, nursing homes, hospitals, fitness centers, YMCAs, and living rooms; on lawns, beaches, and back porches. During my years of teaching PED 109 – Yoga I at Tidewater Community College, it was such a joy to witness in the students what I felt in myself when I discovered yoga. That transition from ‘this is weird’ to ‘this is wonderful’ is a beautiful thing.

It would be so easy if someone could just give us all the answers and tell us what to do. There are plenty of people willing to do that, but we each have to find our own answers in our own way. I don’t have answers, I have suggestions of things that have helped me and might also help you. We can each practice in our own way together as we connect to the wisdom within.

Being a full figured woman I always felt very at ease taking Janet’s class. I would only take Janet’s classes. The feeling of taking her class I wanted to share with all that I knew that would do good by her. Once I get settled I would love to take one of your online classes. You are such an awesome instructor and I truly miss your classes. ❤ Dee

Janet is an amazing yoga instructor- first of all she has a perfect yoga voice, smooth and calm. Second she has the ability to make each participant feel successful just for stepping on the mat! Her instruction is easily understood and modifications are explained and even encouraged. She also adds some fun moments and is not too serious. She makes me feel accomplished! I would encourage anyone at any yoga level to try her class- I miss her in person instruction, but look forward to participating on zoom- I can’t say enough good things about her! ~ Anne

I am so impressed with Janet’s dedicated practice, it’s reach, and its fruits. She is an exceptional and favorite teacher.
~ Letia

Janet is a gifted, wise, creative, and loving teacher. Listening to her quiet, strong voice reminds me of the saying, “if you want to be heard, speak quietly.” Hers is truly a Wisdom borne of experience…read her poem about Transformation and you’ll know what I mean. Her energy medicine in all its creative forms is a gift to the world. Taste and see. Namaste. ~ Rose W.