Making a Blog Site



As I sit to write my first ever blog post, two things come to mind. The first is an image of a free poster I sent away for when I was in High School. This was back in the 70’s, before the Internet, when people couldn’t post promotional items on line to be downloaded but put ads in magazines with an address. If you were interested you wrote to the address to request the item and they sent it through the mail. I loved that poster and remember it well. I might still have it someplace. Picture a close up of a single flower growing through a crack in a sidewalk with the caption, “Beautiful things are seldom easy.” This web site was NOT easy and I hope you find it beautiful.

The second is that quote, “it takes a village”. Thich Nhat Hanh calls it interbeing. Nothing and no one exists in isolation. Trace back to its origin just one of the things you come in contact with every day and it is mind-boggling. The tea in my mug that I drink as I write was grown, picked, processed, shipped and sold. So many people involved at every step of the way. On a more personal level my husband gives me the space to be alone to write. My son gives me the questions to write about. My daughter edits what I write so that the meaning I want to convey is clear. My daughter in law and my grand daughter remind me that love really is the most important thing. There are those who can dash off words in moments, these words are a labor of love. I appreciate the support of my family very much.