Bone Health


When I turned 50, I had my first bone scan, and I got the results in a form letter from my doctor. The letter told me my tests results showed that I was ‘mildly osteopenic’ and suggested that I schedule an appointment to discuss drug therapy. I think of drugs as the last resort (not the first response), so I read all the information I could find on the subject and found a new doctor – one who used an integrative approach to medicine.

Life transitions, like menopause, have little to do with illness or injury and nothing is ‘wrong’. Our bones store minerals, and our body uses them as necessary keep us in balance. We don’t need drugs that harden our bones; we need foods that replenish our stores. The book Better Bones Better Body and the Better Bones Blog (both by Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD), are the best resources I’ve found on this subject. Stay strong.