Bringing up BEBE


I remember feeling desperately tired and mostly on my own when I was a new mom. When I asked my son where he and his wife find the many good ideas they are incorporating into their parenting and he told me about this book.

I wish I could have read this book when my own kids were little. You don’t just ‘get lucky’ and have a good sleeper, there are ways to help babies learn to connect their sleep cycles.

The author found many things that French parents know and use to make parenting more pleasant and describes them in this informative and enjoyable read.

I was hooked by the glossary of French parenting terms in the beginning of the book. French parents don’t say, “be good,” they say, “be sage” (rhymes with the Taj in Taj Mahal). Sage means to be wise and calm – good advice for yogis of any age!