Motivational Signs


There was a 5 K run/walk through my neighborhood not too long ago. I was out walking along part of the route because they used the route I take every morning. There were motivational signs posted along the way. I liked most of them, though I don’t remember them all.

If you want something you’ve never had. Do something you’ve never done.

It does not get easier you get stronger.

It begins with the decision to try.

It is not over until you stop trying.

And my personal favorite – colorectal cancer has no symptoms.

But there were two that I did not find helpful.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Don’t run until it hurts, run until the pain stops.

That last tip may have been a plant by a joint replacement surgeon. While it is important to challenge ourselves, pain is a sign that something needs to change.

Despite what we have been told, Pain ≠ Gain. Pain is a warning sign that needs to be investigated because small pains that are not attended to become big pains and big pains become permanent damage. We need to be mindful in everything we do and not just blindly follow someone else’s advice – even if they present themselves as an expert. Our body is our friend, our companion for life, we can learn to listen to and trust the messages it gives us. Yoga, with its inward focus, helps us do just that.