I just returned from vacation. Ah, it was perfect, a week of R&R in and beside the ocean even though I wear 50 sun block and stay mostly in the shade. Now I’m back to my usual routine. I do love to teach yoga, it is the perfect job for me, even though it sometimes feels that the morning classes are a little too early and the evening classes are a little too late.

I am reminded of the Sunday mornings in Texas when my kids were little. They would wake up early and we’d try to be quiet so my husband could sleep just a little bit later.   There was a priest on TV who one day talked about the ‘Be ye perfect” bible verse (Matthew 5:48). He told a longer story I’m sure but I only remember the short form. He said imagine you have locked yourself in the bathroom. What you need is the key but what you find is a bobby pin and as you pick it up you say ‘Perfect!’ In other words, you being you is just what is needed. You being you is enough. That was 30 years ago and I still think of it as being a perfect reminder. I may never be a key but I can be a darned good bobby pin. Like Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”