Soaked Almonds



We speak of almonds as nuts and forget that they, like all nuts, are actually tree seeds. Soaking starts the sprouting process and brings them to life, making them a very rejuvenating food. They are easy to prepare, just soak a handful (ten if you want to be specific) raw almonds in water overnight. I keep a cute little bowl on the counter, and as I wash the dishes in the evening I am reminded to fill it with almonds and water for the next morning. In the morning the almonds are larger because they have absorbed some of the water and the skins are loose and easier to remove. Just pinch one side and the seed will usually slide right out of the skin. I add mine to my morning muesli, which was also prepared the traditional Swiss way the night before – ¼ C. muesli, ½ C. whole milk plain yogurt, and 1 apple cored and grated (with the skin if it’s organic.) The live cultures in the yogurt act on the other ingredients overnight to make the nutrients more digestible. Buy some raw almonds and give it a try with or without the cereal!