Fennel Seeds


I love the fennel seeds mixed with candy coated fennel seeds that Indian Restaurants provide. They actually offer them as digestive aids the way some American restaurants offer bowls of peppermints! I first read about using fennel seeds as a digestive aid in one of Dr. Weil’s books. (Andrew Weil, M.D. is a pioneer in integrative medicine.) I bought a little jar of fennel from the spice section of the supermarket and gave it a try – it tasted like straw. NOW I know it is much cheaper to buy it in bulk at the Indian Market, and MUCH more tasty if it is mixed with the candy coated version. The taste is similar to a mild version of black licorice and gives off that scent as it is being chewed. I carry them in a little container (instead of mints) to freshen my breath and ward off tummy troubles after eating. I suggest you give it a try!