Three Supportive Businesses


Moving to a new area generates lists of things to do: Changing address, setting up utilities, internet connection, trash, recycling…
Finding the usual service providers: doctor, vet, dentist …
On top of the usual things, every one has their own personal list of needs.
A new library card is just as important to me as a new driver’s license.
A new massage therapist is as important as a new hair dresser because I like to schedule a massage as often as a haircut. This is a practice I HIGHLY recommend! I actually alternate massage with Reiki because both are beneficial.

As a yoga teacher, it is also important for me to find a new group of yoga friends. This is why I was especially happy to find much of what I need at the intersection of Genito and Charter Colony Parkway right here in Midlothian.
Coconut Elephant Yoga isn’t just a studio; we’re a family. Whether you’re looking for slow and gentle or challenging and new, our studio has a yoga class just for you. There are seven teachers now that I have joined their ranks.
Paths to Wellness offers Reiki, Acupuncture and Massage. Three women with three specialties who share the same philosophy. Helping you retain your power over you own health and well-being.
Body: Your inborn ability to heal yourself
Mind: Helping you develop new positive attitudes
Spirit: Allowing your true self to re-awaken and shine.
Good Health Herbs is a natural supplement and health food store. Our mission is to offer high quality natural supplements, organic health food, local produce, and education to help improve the health and wellness of our community. We have been in operation since 2006.

These three local businesses are here to help you to help yourself.