Secret Daughter


I really enjoyed Secret Daughter. Set in California and Mumbai, it portrays the intersection of two very different families from two very different backgrounds. The true meaning of family was a major theme but I must confess, I liked it especially because one of the main characters used yoga to help herself to change her perspective and her focus.
The instructor told her the key to balancing was to calm her mind and concentrate on the moment. Instead of fighting and struggling to stay balanced, she found a point to gaze at, and suddenly, all her energy was aligned and the pose was simple.
Her turning point came when the instructor told her to pay attention to her breath. “Are you holding your breath after inhaling, and if so, what are you afraid of letting go of? Or are you holding it after exhaling, and what are you afraid of letting in?” She realized she was doing both, and so, as her husband had accused her of many times, she was being governed by fear.
Our husbands know, but we have to see it and feel it for ourselves for it to make a difference.
Thank you for the reminder Shilpi Somaya Gowda.