What gift have you been withholding?


In the end, we are not here to fit in, to be well adjusted, acceptable to all, or to make our parents proud of us. We are here to be ourselves. Often that is not pretty, but it is honest. And our gift to the great mosaic of the world is our uniqueness.

Well said. James Hollis – Parabola Magazine – Spring 2018 – What gift have you been withholding from the world?

During my yoga training the instructor read a quote from a book that touched me deeply. After class, when I asked for the title of the book she said it doesn’t have a title, it’s my quote book. That’s the day I started my own book of quotes. When I come across words that speak to me, writing them out helps make them a part of me and keeps them handy for future reference. When I’m having a bad day, this book is filled with the words that I know will help me to feel better.