Search Inside Yourself


I find it ironic that I am a big proponent of cutting time on the Internet and yet I have a blog that I would like people to go online to read. In yoga we speak of intention – the purpose behind the action is what matters the most. In medicine they say that sometimes the only difference between medicine and poison is the dose. The Internet is an amazing tool that can be put to good use and more is not always better.

Sometimes we only find our limit by seeing the effects of too much time on the Internet. Are we neglecting ourselves and our flesh-and-blood companions because of our addiction to electronics? One of the best parts of yoga is the required media fast. We turn off our electronic devices, put them off to the side in a place where we can’t see them, and focus inward for a change. I think it is terrific that Google has a meditation program for its employees called ‘Search Inside Yourself.’ It is the brainchild of Chade Meng-Tan – he called it a “workout for emotional intelligence,” so people wouldn’t think of it as a ‘hippy thing’ but as a way to build skills that are highly prized in the office environment. It gives the term “Google it” a whole new meaning!