I saw this quote in a book. I’ve been through this all before, there was a book that was big in Christian circles back when I was in High School – The Late Great Planet Earth. I read it and believed it. I didn’t think I’d survive long enough to get married and have children, and yet now I have grandchildren. I love the message in the movie Tomorrow Land – you get what you expect & I’m tired of everyone expecting the world to fall apart rather than doing something to make it better. That’s the rant that made me write this blog post, but I want to focus on the positive.

If you have ever lived in the suburbs surrounding Washington DC, you know what a ‘Slug Line’ is. It’s the most ingenious grassroots solution to commuting, ever – drivers need three people in a car to be able to use the HOV lanes. They don’t need to form a car pool; they drive to the designated spot at the designated time to pick up any two people waiting to go in their direction. (It’s also a bus stop so if somehow you didn’t manage catch a ride, you can take the bus.) My husband almost never had to take the bus, thankfully.

This system didn’t need to be formed, evaluated, approved, funded, legislated or regulated. There are rules, but they are more understood than written – and any person can do it. It reminds me that we don’t have to wait for ‘somebody to do something’ – we can think of and implement our own solutions!