Barefoot Wisdom


Barefoot Wisdom by Charon Whiteley and Ann Marie Chiasson, MD

The book I currently love is all about Better Heath through Grounding, which is also known as Earthing. The earth emits an energy field that we modern humans have lost touch with by covering the ground with asphalt, living primarily indoors and wearing shoes with non-conductive soles. The electrons flowing from the earth can neutralize the free radicals in our bodies that are responsible for painful, chronic, inflammatory conditions, and all we need to do is put our bare feet in contact with the bare earth for ten to twenty minutes a day.

What could be easier than sitting outside with bare feet in the grass reading? My backyard is a haven; if your backyard is a haven for bugs, find a different location or consider a grounding pad to be used indoors. Grounding, the documentary (available for free on YouTube) that was mentioned in the book, demonstrated that sleeping while grounded could stop snoring. Talk about extra incentive!

I had heard of Earthing before, but this book described the idea in a way that made me actually want to do it. It’s free, it’s easy, it can’t hurt and it may help a lot so I’m making a commitment to do it and encourage you to do the same.