How are things with you?


How are things with you? I mean REALLY how are things with your physical, mental and emotional self in this moment?
Take a moment to pause and check in with yourself.
How is your posture? Feel it and adjust to be more comfortable.

What is your facial expression? Notice the area around the mouth and eyes and soften any tension that you find.
Feel the whole of ourself and then soften and relax into your body.

What’s going on in your mind? Is it clear or foggy, sleepy or dull, agitated? Just be aware without judging.
You can also ask yourself, “What am I adding?” Worries, judgements, stories, plans, conversations or fantasies?

Is your emotional state contented, neutral or discontented? Are you adding any dark filters such as anxiety, boredom, or anger?

Awareness of our present state, our inner weather, is the first step in waking up to ourselves. We practice doing this at the beginning of a yoga class, so we can learn to do it anywhere, anytime, and adjust as necessary.