Personal Practice


Yoga teachers are told they need a personal practice that is nourishing to avoid burn out. Does a teacher who teaches yoga several times a day really need to do more yoga? It depends on what is needed for balance. There is more to yoga than the practice of physical postures. Outward focus needs to be balanced with inward focus, physical exertion needs to be balanced with restoration. There needs to be input to refill after the output. This could come from meditative movement, breath work, inspirational reading, talking with a wise friend, playing ukulele, walking the dog, working on craft projects … it could be anything.

A spirit can be thought of as a well. On those days when I find myself feeling ‘empty,’ I realize I have been neglecting the things that keep me full. I feel dried up and have nothing left to give. When my well is full, good things flow out naturally. What ever your job is, your first duty is to fill your well.