My favorite smoothie combines chia seed, blueberry, kale and almond milk.
When we first started making smoothies at home we added yogurt to make them rich and creamy. After about a year of this my husband started to feel that he was allergic to our cats. We have always had cats and they have never bothered him, so this was new. I looked to my Ayurvedic resources for advice and found that improper food combining was a major irritant to allergies and combining fruit with milk products was the number one thing to avoid. When I told my husband he didn’t believe me but he did agree to stop adding the yogurt to his fruit smoothies to see if it made a difference. He became a believer when his allergy symptoms went away. Fruit and dairy do NOT combine well! Today’s tip is to use almond milk for the smoothie base and chia seeds for the creaminess. Not a fan of Kale? Just add blue berries to the chia seed pudding.
Mix 2 T. chia seeds in ½ C. almond milk and let them soak to expand into a ‘pudding’.
Blend ½ C almond milk & ½ C fresh blueberries & one stalk of kale with the leaves torn from the rib. (I love my single serving Magic Bullet!)
Mix the two together and enjoy. Just allow time to brush your teeth afterward – there will be tasty little blue & green bits everywhere.