The 51% Rule


When we first begin to work on our healthy habits, it can be overwhelming. It seems there is so much to do that we don’t know where to start. I felt the same way and was very happy to learn of the 51% rule. Just one small step can point us toward health. And which thing do you pick? Studies may have shown that X is ‘perfect’ but if you know you won’t do it, it’s not going to help. Doing something just because somebody says you ought to probably won’t have the desired effect. Pick one thing that feels right, the one that is easiest for you to actually DO – and do it every day.

This is not a battle it is a way of life. We are not ‘whipping ourselves into shape’ or depriving ourselves, we are learning to nourish ourselves and we keep it up because we like how it makes us feel. When I find new things I love to share. I will be posting simple, inexpensive every day things that don’t hurt and may help a lot. I only share things I’ve tried myself with good results. Pick your one thing and you are on your way.