Proper Digestion


We are not what we eat but what we can digest properly. Heartburn, gas, belching, bloating or pain are signs of poor digestion. Rather than taking a pill to make the symptoms go away it is better to identify the foods that are the cause of the symptoms and not eat them. Eating only when we are hungry, not eating when we are upset, sitting quietly while eating and avoiding ice-cold foods and drinks also help our digestion.

When we lived in Germany my German landlord would tell me that adding ice to drinks wasn’t good for me. In a book about China the author told of making friends with a Chinese family. He took the little boy into the city with him for a weekend and the only instructions the mother gave him were, “Don’t let him eat anything cold.” Avoiding ice-cold food is common folk knowledge in many parts of the world. Drinking water with lemon, lime or mint instead of ice is an easy switch. Try it! (I have no plans to give up ice cream as an occasional treat however, and that’s OK because consistency is 80% of the time ☺)