Daily Living as Art


As we continue our yoga journey, we deepen our practice and expand our self-awareness. This natural progression leads us toward Ayurveda. Ayu translates as “life” or “daily living,” and Veda translates as “knowing”. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, which is the art of daily living. We become the experts of our own bodies when we realize the self-assessment and observation (of breath and movement) that we have practiced in yoga can also be applied to all of our personal habits.

Ayurveda focuses on wellness through balance in our body, mind, and spirit which unifies us and aligns us with the natural world around us. We focus on prevention by spotting imbalances before they become illnesses. I think of Ayurveda as “grandma wisdom” because when I give people suggestions the most common response is, “Oh my grandma did that!” The recommendations often seem ridiculously simple and we often think to ourselves, “I knew that.” We already know these things on some level, we are just bringing them to life.