How will you spend your treasure?


Every morning we are given a treasure – 86,400 seconds to ‘spend’ – it’s like a fairy tale come true. Are we spending time on what matters most to us? Do we say we want to be X and spend most of our time doing Y instead? Do we have balance between the pairs of opposites in our life such as energy output and nourishing input? Do we sit too much, or never sit still? Do we ‘kill time’ on inconsequential things and then say we have no time?

Can some things on the to-do-list be put aside, shared or delegated? Re-evaluating and re-prioritizing our life gives us time to do the things that keep us happy, healthy and whole: preparing and eating wholesome food, practicing yoga and meditation, being outside in nature, getting a full night of sleep, singing, dancing and playing. Truth is we need to make time for what is important to us.