The Healing Power of Yoga


I love introducing new students to the healing power of yoga and my favorite part is hearing their stories of how it has changed their lives for the better. Here are two stories from this last semester at Tidewater Community College:

“When I came to yoga I was on medicine for depression, and I also had really bad anxiety.  I learned to calm myself down through many techniques–now I’m medicine free and I can control my anxiety.”

“When I first came to yoga I was always exhausted and could barely make it through a full work day without needing coffee.  I learned in this yoga class to finally release–that finding a quiet place just for a few moments by myself would help me get through the stressful days and nights of working with special-needs children.  I also learned to find peace within myself, which has helped me reconnect with family and friends.  Before yoga, I could not sleep a full 6-8 hours a night; now after taking this class I can fall asleep and actually sleep 8 full hours.  Now that this yoga class is over, I will continue to practice yoga and eat better, and always find the good within the bad.  This yoga class has helped me become a better me – school, work and socially.  I am no longer anxious when I walk into a room of people–all thanks to yoga.”