I remember Walter Cronkite used to end his news report by saying, “And that’s the way it is,” and I believed him. I know now that this is just one way to view the situation. Editors choose what gets reported, and will only choose to talk about the things that serve their paper’s/station’s purpose. Yes, disturbing things happen, but for every disturbing thing that gets reported there are thousands of good headlines that go unreported because they don’t sell. Relying on news from just one source skews our perception.

My husband, who is more aware of current events than anyone I know, recommends reading the United States editions of international publications like Reuters and BBC – they still have a slant but are much less biased than the US news sources. I like, it helps me balance the negative headlines with some much needed positive news. We should work to stay informed, but we should also pay attention to how much is too much and know our limit. Be a revolutionary, keep believing there is goodness in the world, and know that the only way to ensure goodness in the world is to put it out there yourself. That way, even if it doesn’t get reported, you will know it is there. ☺