What’s the lesson?


I received this as an opening line in a message from a friend. “I’ve been asking myself WWJD (What Would Janet Do)?” I thought it was funny, and especially so because I just had an experience that prompted my husband to ask me, ”What would your wise woman self do?” Another way to say it would be WWWD, What would wisdom do? (What is the wise response?) or WWLD What would love do? (What is the loving response?) We could imagine our wise and loving self as a being that sits in our heart-center available for consultation at any time.

Stuff happens and it happens because there is a lesson there for us, the one we need at this exact moment. So instead of asking, ‘WTF’ (no translation required) or “Why is this happening to me?” We can be asking ourselves “WTL?” What’s the lesson? And no worries about not getting the right answer, the lesson will repeat – each time a little more obvious, a little harder to miss – until we DO “get it.”