Rituals and Altars


I like little rituals, and I have little altars everywhere in my home as reminders that there is more to life than going through the motions, and so much more than is seen on the surface. Creating sacred time and space is important! A dedicated space could be a corner, a shelf or a whole room and it could be decorated with things that have special meaning and remind us of our magical moments. Set aside some time, if only for a moment, to light a candle and say a little blessing like this one.

Strike a match and say, ”Light is the symbol of the divine. Light is the symbol of the divine within me. May radiance illumine my heart as I light this candle. May this space be consecrated by light. May it shine upon me in blessing as the light of love and truth, the light of peace and goodwill.” Sit in silence, breathe and watch the flame. When it is time to blow out the candle we can bring our hands into prayer position to our 3rd eye point, to our lips and to our heart and as we say these words. “May my thoughts be filled with light. May my words invoke the light. May my intentions reflect the light. Namaste.”